MONDAY MATTERS: That Vinning Feeling

MONDAY MATTERS: That Vinning Feeling

A pleasant good evening wherever you may be.

Kid you not: setting up shop at Toyota Center yesterday, this came across my phone at 4pm. I almost cried in the booth.

This is my inspiration, this is the Uncle I never had, and this is my role model.

So, with music blasting and the shred of skates during pregame warmups, as we went on the air – I  felt appropriate to lead off the pregame show with this. Hope you didn’t mind.

If you’re getting the feeling that reading this blog, and ingesting Vin Scully tributes is starting to feel like drinking water from a fire hydrant, my apologies. And I swear, this will be the last time (at least for now) that we’ll wander off topic for this tribute.  So, thanks for bearing with me in the last few weeks as the heart was poured, and the soul was filled.

Admittedly, the emotions are still in “reconciling” mode that my Commentator-in-Chief has jockeyed into the sunset. However, I don’t cry because it’s over. Indeed, I smile because it happened.


  1. IT’S A START: The Silvertips were a goal away from their first 4-0-0-0 start since the Craig Hartsburg era. While Michael Rasmussen’s goal prevented that reality, seven of eight possible points are nothing to grimace over – especially given the fact they’ve played all but one game on the road, are second in fewest goals allowed (2.0), got 17 players with a point or more already, and Carter Hart has a .932 save percentage.
  1. “PLEASE PICK UP THE WHITE COURTESY PHONE”: For those tuning into the meat of Sunday’s game and noticing a rather grainy, static like texture to your audio experience, our apologies. And fear not. Without getting into excessive detail about how broadcasts work, building issues eliminated our ability to set up our equipment and transmit a signal properly. Thanks to Americans radio voice Craig West, and thanks to the Toyota Center crew, who helped troubleshoot for a temporary solution, although a rather routine one for a communication device: the telephone.That got us on the air. So for 2.5 hours, one side of my mouth attended to my headset (to record our game and also feed the WHL Live viewership), while the other side was busy with a phone mouthpiece to feed the radio beast. I felt like this guy. But we made it. And thank you for bearing with us (back to normal, expectedly, tomorrow for the hockey show).
  1. SPEAKING OF THE SHOW: In case you missed it, I better start hitting the treadmill. Mitch Love is a size 32 waist. I’m a 36. And it just so happens a dare made last Tuesday is now in effect that if we win the U.S. Division, I must wear Mitch Love’s white suit (brandished during the home opener, derisive of Colonel Sanders). Gulp.

  1. WELCOME TO THE CLUB, EETU: I just can’t get Eetu Tuulola’s goal out of my head from Sunday. Getting the elephant out of the room, his injury late in the second period eliminated his 6-foot-2, 225-pound frame and forced a line shuffle all the way to the finish line. But when he returns, let’s remember he’s capable of high-octane goals like these. (00:25)

THE CALL (Fox Sports 1380 / Tips App)


  1. GIVING BACK: First major stop of the in-season “shake hands and kiss babies” tour was at Providence hospital today. Several Silvertips (mainly, those who had finished high school) trotted the hospital’s circuit to greet nurses (two we met who are rabid season ticket holders, so they were up for amazing conversation), adult age patients, and the cutest/most adorable little ones in the pediatric ward. Indeed, time well spent.

Talk with you tomorrow at Sporty’s.

Award winning broadcaster Mike Benton is in his second season as radio play-by-play voice of the Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League, and 12th in the game. Tweet at him here.






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