What I’ve discovered about the voice and how it meets needs:

Have you ever called a business on the phone, listened to a commercial, or heard a presentation? What’s typically the first thing that makes an impression?

It’s what hits you between the ears: the voice that talks to you.

Chances are, it’s soothing, friendly, relatable, and conversational. But depending on what you’re going to be dealing with, it can also be firm, serious, and intense.

Isn’t it nice to listen to a voice that’s relatable when you’re seeking help, or intense when  you’re fired up and in the mood for an adventure?

Throughout different avenues of life, a particularly useful voice helps deliver a powerful impact in:

  • Advertising
  • Voice mail greetings / IVR
  • Audiobooks
  • Animated content
  • Video games / eSports presentations
  • Internal company tutorials / explainer videos
  • Public address announcements
  • News, sports, additional broadcasting
  • Movie / media trailers
  • And, more.

That’s the power of the voice, and why businesses choose carefully on the right voice to put in front of their name, whether it’s for you to hear on a commercial, listen to a company phone greeting, or getting started on a project and your boss has meticulously placed a presentation in front of you to understand the do’s and don’ts.

Some of what you read above are obvious uses for the voice. They’ve been useful for a long time. Others? Well, you maybe haven’t considered this, but here’s useful math on how this need is erupting*:

  • The educational category of using voices for presentations saw a growth of 10.4% in just a year (ending in 2018)
  • eLearning is expected to become a $200 billion industry by 2024
  • Content designed for internet use jumped 13% for the third consecutive year
  • 71% of survey respondents said using a voice over helps capture a target audience longer than if a project didn’t use a voice over.
  • 64% of projects generally perform better than those without voice over.

* Published by voices.com 

So where do you go?

There are many terrific resources, freelancers, agencies, and more who can help connect you with the right voice. As for one you may be familiar with, I’ve begun to explore the world of voice over acting and how my voice can fit the needs of others.

As a refresher: I’ve been using my voice for a long time, but in a different form. For 15 years and counting, I’ve handled play-by-play and reporting in sports, mainly within hockey on radio and television. That continues to be the primary pursuit of my career, but this opportunity delivers another stream of service where I can provide satisfaction for individuals and companies who need experience and expertise in vocal delivery to enhance their commercial, voice over system, audio presentation, and more.

In other words, if my career was a cake, this is an additional topping I’m looking forward to adding.

So, you need help? Reach me for:

  • A neutral, male, American voice for your commercial, how-to presentation, or tutorial
  • Recording of your next IVR / phone system greeting
  • eSports or recorded Play-by-Play announcer voice for your commercial or project

I’m looking forward to connecting with you on your next great voice over project.

Connect with me at this link and let’s get started!


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